About Galliard Cosmetics (Mumbai) Pvt. Ltd.

Manufacturing Unit
Site Details  
Plot Area 150000 sq.ft

Total Built up Area

5000 sq. ft

Gaillard Cosmetics’s facility full fills all the industry standards and we are approved under FDA and all government bodies. We manufacture the cosmetic  products  under B.I.S guideline.

Gaillard Cosmetics is also having Alcohol Storage licence for Alcoholic products preparation with separate alcoholic storage area.
Gaillard Cosmetic is having technical staff who worked in cosmetic industry for years.


Contract Filling and Packaging

Gaillard Cosmetics facility include full range moderate speed custom contract filling and private label packaging equipment. We have the capability for bulk and  retail filling. We can fill jars, bottles, Sachets, plastic and metal tubes and custom component.

Our company's labor resources support all volume ranges as well as unique private label packaging specification requirements, and use advanced industry flexible packaging equipment for saleable and promotional products in custom product sample formats.

List of Equipments
- Skin Care

I Manufacturing Equipment :
1.  Planetary Mixer (Provision of Heating and cooling) 
2. Liquid Mixing Vessel (Provision of Heating and cooling) 
3. Storage Vessels
4. Stirrer for Oil or Lotion  
5. Ultrasonic Tube Sealing Machine
7. Round Bottle Labelling Machine
8. Ink Jet Coading Machine
9. Foil Sealing Machine
*Manufacturing Area is Kotta floored with Epoxy Painted  

1 . Filling Machine for Creams  
2. Volumetric, Single Head Filling Machine
*Filling Area is Epoxy floored  and Epoxy Painted

- Alcoholic Products Preparation (All Alcoholic Preparation Area is Flameproof.)
I Manufacturing Equipment :
1. Manufacturing Vessel With Flame proof Stirrer
2. Flameproof Filter press
3. Chilling Tank
1.  Volumetric, Single Head Filling Machine with flameproof motor.
2. Glass Bottle Crimper
3. Vacuum Filling Machin
- TALCUM POWDER and Utility
1. Blender- 500 kg capacity
2. Shifter
3. Powder Filling Machine
4. Conveyor

1.  Blender
2.  Triple roller mill
3.  Plodder
4. Cutting Machine
5. Punching Machine

1. Air Compressor
2. RO Water Filter plant
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